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      Analysis: After Washington snub, best bet for coal bailout in in Rust Belt

      The U.S. coal industry's best hope for a bailout may lie in the Rust Belt now that Washington's plan has fizzled. The largest U.S. power grid, covering Pennsylvania, Ohio and other states, has been considering an initiative that may keep struggling coal plants afloat. The idea, which would boost revenue for generators including coal and nuclear plants, has drawn skepticism from analysts and isn't nearly as sweeping as the White House plan rejected Monday, Jan. 8, by regulators.


      Opinion: Power producers stumble off the Rick-Perry-go-round

      Every so often, a policy proposal comes along that's so ill-conceived, one can dispense with the usual nuance and just call it flat-out ridiculous. Energy Secretary Rick Perry's plan to subsidize coal-fired and nuclear power plants for stockpiling fuel was just such a proposal. As it turns out, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission wasn't exactly won over by Perry's reasoning either: Late on Monday, Jan. 8, it voted 5-0 to reject the proposal.