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Jeremy Nobile

Deregulation could add banks to private equity sector

Fund managers at small, new or otherwise aspiring private equity groups seem hopeful a rising tide of deregulation in financial services could lift their ships as well. And in Northeast Ohio's rather active private equity scene, populated by small and midsize firms to some of the world's largest, deregulation could open up new financing streams by permitting banks to dabble in funds like they used to prior to the Dodd-Frank Act.

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ADVISER: Protect your creative assets — here and abroad

Many companies invest a tremendous amount of money in their various inventions and innovations that make them unique in the market. These can include the products they market or even the unique packaging or images that they use in the marketing of their products. The problem is that, unless these creative assets are properly protected with registered trademarks, the company is vulnerable to being ripped off by competitors or losing its unique identity.